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Course Introduction

This course covers HTML and CSS, interactivity, screen design, web page layout, navigation, organization of content and it’s styling with code. A fundamental understanding of how to style Markup Language with CSS will be acquired through experiments with typography and compostion. This knowledge will then be applied to design and code a fully featured, multi-page website. Animations and interactivity that go beyond the possibilities of pure HTML with CSS can be realized with Java Scripts and jQuery.

3 weeks: CSS basics
3 weeks: Responsive page layout with CSS and Media Queries
7 weeks: Planning, designing, coding and publishing a multi-page website (portfolio)

Attendance and Grading

Attendance is mandatory and will be taken at the beginning of class, tardiness will affect your grade. You are required to be in class for the entire time. If you are going to miss class let me know.

Please no eating, texting, browsing non related topics or video, and no music in class, only course work. You are required to have your assignments completed on time.

You will be graded on problem solving, set-up and organization inside programs, results, participation and motivation.
A= Consistent growth in the above listed as well as excellent work. Excellent work consistently goes above and beyond what is required.
B= Above average growth in the above listed as well as above average work.
C= Average growth in the above listed as well as average work.
D= Dissatisfactory growth in the above listed and incomplete work.
F= Dissatisfactory growth in the above listed, incomplete work and poor attendance.

Supplies and Fees

Purchase a USB Flash Drive with at least 2 GB as soon as possible (or similar portable storage device like iPod, external Harddrive etc.). This drive will be used to regularly backup your files each day after class!

Purchase of a hosting plan (appr. $7/month) together with a domain name registration (appr. $15/year) is required two weeks before the end of the semester.

Recommended Reading

A book that helped me understand CSS is the following. I recommend buying it as a reference you can use during this semester:

CSS: The Missing Manual

Some good books can be found here:


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Online video courses is a nice way to learn as well. The Lynda.com courses are free to UIC students. Check out this page to learn more about how to use the service.